Can you join a course during the week?

The majority of guests starts their ski lesson on Sunday and Monday. Children can, no matter if they are beginner or advanced, join the course every day on 7 days in the week, if there are matching groups available.

The courses for adults always start on Sunday and Monday. Slightly advanced and advanced skiers can also enter an already ongoing lesson.

If you are a beginner at skiing please get in contact with the ski-school-office. There could be also possibilities for beginners during the week.


When does the lesson begin or end?

Group lessons in the main season:

10 a.m – 12 a.m and 1.30 p.m – 3.30 p.m


Group lessons in the mid and post-season: (from 9.1. to 30.1. and to 6.3.2021)

10 – 12 a.m and 1 – 3 p.m


Private lessons: can be arranged individually

In the morning from 8.30 am, in the afternoon end not later than 4 pm


Do I need a lift ticket or does my child need a lift ticket?

All children born 2014 or older and all adults, who already use the t-bar or the gondola need a lift ticket.

Children born 2015 or younger can drive on all ski lifts free and don’t need a ticket for themselves.

All beginners don’t need a Lift tickets for the Magic carpets and the rope.


What happens at noon?

You can pick up the children from the ski lesson (meeting point) at 12 a.m and take care of them by yourself during lunch time.

If you are booking the Lunch time care (at the price of 11.00 EUR/child/day incl. food and drink) the children are staying with us and get looked after by us over the lunchtime. In this case you can pick up the children at the course end in the afternoon.

Lunch time care can be booked for the complete duration of the course or for single days.

You can also decide spontaneously before the start of the ski course if the child should stay with us during lunch time. In this case: you should come to the ski-school-office before 10 a.m and buy a Lunchtime care voucher. Then hand in the child and the voucher at a teacher.


Where do I find a Ski rental?

For Ski rental we recommend our Partner Intersport Patrick https://www.intersport-patrick.at/en/rental-winter/ directly next to our skischool office and just a few steps away from the slope.

You find Intersport Patrick also in the center of St.Johann: Speckbacherstraße 17.


At which age can the children take ski lesson?

Children can go to a ski course from approx. 2 ½ years. For our very youngest guests we have our „Bambini“-groups for children from 2 ½ to max. 3 years. In the groups the focus relates to getting used to skis and ski boots and to getting in touch with ski and snow. The courses are available daily from 10 – 12 a.m. Please register one day in advance.

For all children from 3 to max. 4 years there are the „Mini-Valle“-Groups. Daily from 10 – 12 a.m.

All the other older children are going in the „Valle“- Children groups or in the „Teenager“-groups, according to age and ability.


How early do we have to make reservations for a private teacher?

The sooner the better. Cancellations and rebookings or changes are possible up to one day in advance. Rebookings and changes according to the availability of the ski instructors.


Do you get the money back, if the children don’t like it?

In principle, you can only get the money back against a doctor’s confirmation in case of illness or injury (Always report failure due to illness or injury to the ski school office as soon as possible).

With the kids, there is the possibility to book a trial day (full or half day possible). After the trial day you may decide, if you want to continue booking and for how long.


What is better, full day or half day?

For all children up to a maximum of 4 years there are half day courses available. For all the others we suggest to take the full day lessons, because the learning progress and the cohesion of the group is much better.

In our ski school there are also half day .lessons available for older children, so you can organize your vacation flexibly if necessary.

It is possible at any time, to transfer from the half-day course to the full-day course.

Even for single days. Please contact the staff in the ski school office.


Is it also possible to join the group for only one day?

Yes that’s possible.


Which payment methods do you accept?

Cash, Maestro, Visa, Mastercard


Do the ski course days have to be taken one after the other?

Basically yes. Please discuss exceptional cases with the staff in the ski school office.


Do we need a reservation for group courses?

We recommend booking in advance via our online shop or making a reservation by email. With that you save time on site and have a guaranteed place in the ski school.


Do the children need a snack or something to drink?

The children don’t need a snack during the ski lesson. For beginner and slightly advanced groups there are small breaks, where the children get something to drink. In the advanced children’s groups, breaks will be taken when it is necessary.


Can I buy a Lift ticket the day before?

Lift tickets can be bought the day before or booked directly through https://www.skistar.com/en/online-booking/ before you go on holiday.


Can I rent the Ski the day before?

We recommend to pick up the Ski equipment at Intersport Patrick the day before starting the lesson (possible after 4 PM). Then your first day skiing can start relaxed.


Do children or adults need helmets?

For children wearing a helmet is obligatory in our ski school. For adults we recommend wearing helmets without exception.


What does my child need to bring to ski lessons?


Please bring your child shortly before 10 AM with the complete ski equipment (Ski, Ski boots, helmet, no sticks, Snow gloves, Ski suit) to the Kinderland directly on the slope (large fenced area with the magic carpets)

The skis don’t need to be on yet, our ski instructors do that together with the children at the start of the course.


Please bring your child shortly before 10 AM with the complete ski equipment – Ski, Ski boots, Helmet, Ski sticks, to the meeting point according to the information on the course card.


Is there a final ski race? When will that happen? Presentation?

Every Friday it gets exciting at the final ski race (Beginning: 10 a.m). It takes place at the Tannlift next to the children’s area. Also, our youngest Ski guests can participate and drive a short distance according to the skills acquired.

Everybody, who was in the ski course during the week is allowed to participate in the ski race. All children, who were still in the ski course on Thursday are automatically on the start list.

For all children, who have stopped taking the course earlier and still want to take part in the ski race: Please report this to the ski-school-office.

The ski lesson continues as normal before and after the ski race. The ski instructor does not start with his group until it is his group’s turn. So he doesn’t need much time for the ski race and can give normal lessons before and after.

Presentation will be in the afternoon in front of the children’s area after the ski course has ended. “Valle“, the snowman, comes to visit again. There is a medal and a certificate for all children. In exceptional cases (in the off-season) the awarding of prizes can take place after the morning class. The ski instructors will inform you accordingly.

For all, who cannot be there for the prize giving: Please pick up your medal and certificate at the ski-school-office (possible from around 12 p.m on Friday).

Also, children, who can not participate at the ski race, are welcome to pick up a medal and a certificate from the ski school office. Because there is of course an award for taking part in the ski lesson.


Are there photos of the ski course? When and where are they made? Where can you get them?

Every Tuesday morning our photographer Benno comes to the photo shooting. You can buy the photos the following days in our ski-school-office.


From which age do children count as teenagers?

Children at the age of 10 years can join the Teenager-groups. We ask the parents for an individual decision – depending in which the child feels more comfortable. A 10-year-old or older child can also join a children’s group.


Can you store the equipment overnight? Depot?

At Intersport Patrick there is a small Ski depot. If it is necessary, please ask.


We are happy to answer any further questions by email to: info@schneesportschule-eichenhof.at or by phone via our hotline: +43 664 4837758


A few words for our youngest guests, who start their first skiing experience in the Kinderland:


4 tips for relaxed parents


1. Saying bye

For your children it is very important to gain a good relationship with their instructor. This only works when you say bye to your children at the beginning of the lesson and leave them with their group. In this way it is also much easier for your children make new friends.


2. Becoming invisible

Children can learn much easier without many parents watching on the side. As a parent you support your child by leaving the child area during the lesson.


3. Trust us

We are well educated and we have a lot of experience with little princesses, shy kids and also with the dare-devils that have no fear. Please do not worry, we will inform you immediately should we have the feeling that your kid is not feeling well.


4. Be proud

As well as skiing for the first time, a lesson in the children’s area is a completly new experience for your child. Please give them the feeling that they completed something without any help from their parents. In this way your child will tell you many stories when you pick them up at the end of their lesson.



We are looking forward to a great time with your kids and we thank you for your trust


The ski instructors of Schneesportschule Eichhenhof











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